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Who We Are

Women with Purpose Arise started as a small bible study group at the local Salvation Army in Waxahachie,Texas. We quickly realized that we were not just a Bible Study Group 𝘰𝘧  women, but that we were called to awaken, lift, and empower women to become the women God destined them to be.


​We welcome you and also warn you that you will be challenged to grow and be transformed by the power of God's word and His Holy Spirit. We are here to call you up to your destiny by strengthening your yes to God! Let's soar together.

Awakening+Identity = Transformation

Our Mission

What We Do:

Our mission is to ignite women with purpose and to provide a safe haven in an empowering training ground for the advancement of God’s Kingdom based on the infallible authoritative Word of God.

War Cry:

I decree and declare that:

  • I am more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ

  • I am empowered by the Holy Spirit

  • I am a daughter of the Most High King called to my royal position For such a time as this!

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